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'Plume' is a special edition bag which explores the boundaries of construction and materials. How far can we push the material nature of the inner-tube rubber and transform it into something unrecognizable?

Short strips of inner-tube rubber are carefully hand cut into ‘fringes' and then laid directly into the weaving process, using the 'Les Lampas' technique, the overlapping rubber fringes become an integral part of the textile, giving it a fluid, supple, skin-like quality.

1960’s 24k gold silk thread from Japan and 100% cotton is used for the weft threads, which delicately hold the rubber in place. The reverse side of the fabric which becomes the lining is presented in a checkered pattern flecked with gold, and an internal zippered pocket completes the bag.

Inner-tube rubber
Warps: 24k gold silk thread, cotton
Leather handles

This bag is made to order only,

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